20 Years of Experience

We are on the market in Czech Republic and Slovakia more than 20 years.

Own Development

In cooperation with our external developers we are developing our own instruments and measuring systems.

Precise in details

We provide detailed consultations on time and free of charge from the project preparation stage.

Hotline of technical support

From 8 AM to 5 PM on number +420 734 753 000 for technical issues.


Water sampling & Early Warning Systems

We have developed several instruments mainly for water sampling and water level monitoring for both monitoring wells and surface water measurement. For water level measurement we have also developed two telemetric stations – Waterloger 16 for groundwater monitoring and Waterlogger EWS 2 for surface water monitoring and for Early Warning Systems use.

Geotechnical instrumentation – monitoring

Geotechnical instrumentation refers to to the instruments used to monitor geotechnical projects or sites requiring such monitoring. Geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring are essential for the successful completion of a geotechnical projects. Limited geotechnical instrumentation may be needed for simple projects but the demands on geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring can be very demaning for critical projects such as tunnels, slopes, and excavations next to sensitive structures.